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Syracuse Pistol Club Where Central New York Shoots Pistols
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Requirements of membership
  • Possess a New York State Pistol permit or have a pistol on a government issued shield.
  • Read and understand all the published rules and by-laws:
    1. Syracuse Pistol Club By-Laws
    2. SPC Safety Rules
  • Attend the safety Orientation meeting.
  • Pass the live fire drill.
  • Pay all the initial dues and fees to join.
Fees for membership

To Join there are a few membership levels available.

  • Full Membership with shares and voting privileges $110 per year.
  • Associate Membership (limited to being married to or child of Full member) with no shares and no voting privileges $65 per year.
  • Senior Membership with no shares and no voting privileges $65 per year.
  • All new members pay a $50 Application fee
  • All new members pay $10 for their access control FOB.

To renew, only the membership dues are required.

  • Full Membership - $110 per year.
  • Associate Membership - $65 per year.
  • Senior Membership - $65 per year.

Terms of Membership

Syracuse Pistol Club membership term is 1 year from the month you join and the same month every year after.

Membership shares are an indication of the level of ownership of the Syracuse Pistol Club per the By-Laws

Renewal notice will be sent automatically but payment is not automatic.

How to Join

  1. On the Event tab is a calendar. You must Register/Sign up for one of 16 spots in the New Member Orientation - Safety Meeting.
    1. Meeting is required and is always scheduled on the third Tuesday evening of the month at 6 PM.
  2. Use the “JOIN” button on the top of the website to enter all your information and agree to the terms of membership.
    1. Required items
      1. New York State Pistol Permit
      2. NRA Number
    2. The membership is prospective at this time and pending approval.
    3. Once your application is approved you will be sent an email notifying you to make a payment.

4.Make your payment by Credit Card. Payment secures your spot at the New Member Orientation-Safety Meeting. ALL PAYMENTS    MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE THE CLASS.

3. On the night of the meeting (AGENDA):
You will be required to pass the Shooting Standards as set by the Safety Committee before your key fob will be activated (See Shooting Standards below). If you feel you cannot pass the standards, we require that you seek instructions PRIOR to attending the Orientation/Safety membership Meeting (A list of local instructors are listed below). We are not responsible for any cost associated with this instruction. Once you have worked with an instructor and are familiar with managing your firearm, schedule your Orientation/Safety meeting. Again, you will have to pass the shooting standards for your key fob to be activated.

• Show up on time, the registration check in runs from 5:35 to 5:55pm. Meeting starts at 6pm.
• Register with the Membership Team showing them:
 Your NYS Pistol Permit
 NRA Membership Card (email confirmation is okay).

  • You will need to bring to the meeting:
    • SPC Shooting Standards Safety Checklist (Print Attachment).
    • Copy of the Club Rules (Print Attachment), please read and understand.
    • Valid NYS Pistol Permit
    • NRA Membership Card (email confirmation is okay).
    • Pistol (Unloaded and boxed/cased).
    • Eye/Ear protection
    • Ammo for live fire test (at least 50 rounds).
  • Bring your pistol unloaded in a box or bag for safety drill:
    • Pistol registered to you.
    • Ammo for drills
    • Unloaded Magazine.
    • Eye protection
    • Ear Protection
  • Participate in the Safety Orientation presentation:
    • Know the SPC Rules and Review.
    • Become Familiar with the club facilities.
    • Review the live fire drill

  • Demonstrate safe firearm handling:
    • Firing line etiquette.
    • Demonstrate a safe gun.
  • Gun is always loaded:
    • Exhibits safety mindset/treats firearm with respect.
    • Can verbalize the importance of the Universal Safety Rules.
    • Performs forearm status check (visual/tactile check)
  • Finger off Trigger:
    • Maintain finger off trigger/outside trigger guard when not on target (seams right).
    • Don’t count on external manual safeties.
    • Ensure proper trigger finger placement during all gun handling evolutions.
  • Muzzle Control:
    • During unbagging/bagging/loading/reloading.
    • While shooting.
    • When paused.
    • While clearing malfunctions.
    • When unloading.
    • When out of ordinary occurs (talking/hot brass/drop a magazine/cell phone rings).
  • Be Sure of Target:
    • Proper target placement.
    • Bullseye target at yellow/black tape or further downrange.
    • Silhouette target at red tape line or further downrange.
    • Lanes 1, 2 and 11, 12; must be all the way to the backstop.
  • Feedback on Shooting Basics:
    • Terminology
    • Locks slide back with muzzle downrange and finger off trigger
    • Loads magazine
    • Loads firearm
    • Forward stance
    • Proper grip-thumbs forward
    • Front sight focus
    • Trigger management (prep and press).
  • Test on Command:
    • Load and make ready
    • Fire 3 shots
    • Return to low ready position (muzzle at backstop/ finger off trigger/on frame.
    • Fire 3 shots.
    • Unload and show clear.
  • Must hit 4 of 6 or more on the paper.
    • Can repeat the attempt x3 as long as they are not unsafe.

  • Claim your access Control Key fob at the end of the meeting.
  • Print or Download your membership card from the website. SPC Membership Card Instructions will be emailed to you.

Local Firearm Instructors:

  1. John Bianco 

  2. Sheila Brey     

  3. Mike Cooper

  4. Bryan Leonard

  5. Bennie McDonald

  6. CJ Polacek      

Contact the Membership team with further questions:


The NRA mission statement is “To protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, especially with reference to the inalienable right of the individual American citizen guaranteed by such Constitution to acquire, possess, collect, exhibit, transport, carry, transfer ownership of, and enjoy the right to use arms” The statement emphasizes the difference it makes in the life of people that is serves by ensuring that their rights are not only respected but also enforced.


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